Financial Help for Individuals and Families

Am I eligible for lower costs?

Depending upon your household size and income you may be eligible for up to two types of financial assistance:

Lower monthly costs:

  • Some people may be eligible for a tax credit to lower the cost of their monthly premium (what you have to pay keep coverage)
91% of North Carolinians who have signed up for coverage received financial assistance

With financial assistance, the average premium per individual was $80 per month

Lower out-of-pocket costs:

  • Some people may also be eligible for a reduction in the amount they have to pay once they use health services (known as cost-sharing reductions)

The calculator shown above will give a detailed profile of your potential financial assistance based upon the information you provide. Once you submit these results, the tool will take you to a separate tab. To return, just close the tab.

In North Carolina, low-income individuals and families who cannot afford health-care costs (because they are not eligible for financial assistance) may be eligible for Medicaid. NC Health Choice is an additional health coverage program for low-income children. To learn more about Medicaid visit our additional resources.

Your eligibility for financial assistance will depend on your household size and income. Explore your options carefully; individuals who are eligible to receive cost-sharing assistance must select a Silver level plan. Depending upon your health care needs it may be important to select a plan with higher monthly costs, but more generous coverage if you or a family member become seriously ill.