5 steps to stay covered in 2016



If you bought a health insurance plan through the Marketplace ( in 2015, you may have already received a letter or email from the Marketplace. Review this information to better understand your options moving forward.

When you log back into your be sure to update your information. This is incredibly important! If you do nothing, you will likely be auto-renewed with your same plan or a similar plan. However, depending upon the information the Marketplace has on file from your most recent tax return, the amount of financial assistance available to you may change (either increase or decrease).


More affordable health care plans may be available to you (particularly with the addition of a new insurer in some counties) that were not an option last year. 

When you finally choose your plan, remember that's not the last step.

To finalize enrollment, be sure that you pay your first month's premium prior to the start date of your plan. Insurance companies often have a grace-period before they drop your coverage, but don't push your luck.

Remember, you must complete all 5 steps.

  • Review your current plan’s 2015 health coverage and costs
  • Update your Marketplace application, starting November 1
  • Compare the health plans available to you in 2016
  • Choose the plan that best meets your needs
  • Enroll in the health plan you want to start at the beginning of the new year, by December 15, 2016

You’ll need to complete all 5 steps to finish enrolling in a health plan, even if you want to stay in the same plan. If you worked with an in-person assister during the last Open Enrollment Period, and were pleased with their quality of service, we encourage you to reach out to them to schedule a renewal appointment as soon as possible.