Enrollment Checklist

Take Command of Your Health.

Does securing health coverage seem complicated? It doesn’t have to be. These five checklist items are your pathway to coverage. 

  1. Explore Eligibility

    Depending upon household size and gross income, you may be eligible for financial assistance or free coverage.

  2. Application Options

  3. Start an Application

    It starts and ends here: www.healthcare.gov.
    The process is the same with or without in-person assistance.

    • Create an account
    • Review official eligibility results
    • Compare and pick a plan
  4. Pay First Month’s Premium

    Enrolled in a plan? Great! Be sure to pay your first month’s premium before the first day your coverage begins.

  5. Begin Using Healthcare

    Congratulations! Now that you have coverage, find a primary care physician. Get smart about using your coverage.